Flip and earn- Omri Yaffe realtor

We at Classic View fully equipped to remodel any residential property into a profit-earning venture. We have worked with home owners for over 20 years in the Greater Toronto Area, and have successfully added positive equity for reasonable budgets.




  • Step one
    As an investor, new or experienced, you locate a property which is under market value due to neglected home owners, lack of care, or any other reasons. Classic View will help you to buy an low value house to flip.
  • Step two
    We will come to estimate the renovations to upgrade the value for the property.
  • Step three
    Classic View will estimate the new potential sale value to establish a strategy plan for your new venture.
  • Step four
    You the client, and Classic View will arrange a joint venture on this limited time project to see it to success.
  • Step five
    After remodeling this property in an agreed budget, we will list it on MLS for sale.
  • Step six
    Upon successful sale of the property, and after all participants are paid back for their out-of-pocket expenses, the sale profits are split 50/50 or to agreed amounts.


We would not hesitate in recommending Classic View to anyone contemplating an addition to their home or construction of a four season sunroom. The necessary approvals were obtained, and all work was completed in an expeditious manner and to our satisfaction, in addition the total cost of the project was within the price quoted to us. In short we are delighted with the result!

John & Rosemary

Omri’s (Classic View) customer service skills, providing both professional and personalized service are top notch. As any renovation is stressful, this goes a long way in easing the stress as well as providing a good client relationship.


We used Classic View Home Renovations to put in a new extension on our house. I just found them in a home magazine and called them up. They ended up doing a very good job. Both Omri, the owner, and Rem were good guys to work with. They weren’t on time all the time, but they were okay. They would usually come over and work for a bit and then be gone for a few days doing other jobs. It wasn’t a problem, though, and they were good overall.


We chose to use Classic View Home Renovations for some work we wanted done on the kitchen, a bedroom and the back of the house. They really did a good job with everything. My wife is so happy about it. And I was very impressed with the owner, Omri. He’s a very nice man and was great to work with. I’ve already recommended Classic View Home Renovations to my brother-in-law because they were so good.